jeudi 20 décembre 2012

[Reversed Moon] In the other side

Aaaargh !
My last artworks before the holidaaaaaays !
At the exterior of the space station, and in an elevator shaft.

lundi 19 novembre 2012

[Reversed Moon] Come-back !

Long time no see, hu ?
I was very busy with the Reversed Moon project, especially on the charac design of our character.
I show you the PJ of Reversed Moon, with a lot of propositions, and the final design, also his weapon !




dimanche 1 juillet 2012


Special thanks to Alexandre Stroukoff for the tips and help on this painting :D
And the Spain team ! Champions !

samedi 12 mai 2012

Women sketches

Little sketches, 5-10 minutes per face.
I will do more exercices like that I think, I like it !

jeudi 10 mai 2012

Quick animation of the project game "Francine la Sardine", starring Francine la sardine !
Rigging and animation by me.
Texture by Robin Lebrard
3D Model and setup by Antoine Faipoux

vendredi 27 avril 2012


Differents trainings. Some differents inspirations (Bioshock, Call of...)

samedi 7 avril 2012


Some training on the trees and forest :)
Silent Hill, the movie by Christopher Gans
 A man, totally inspired by an artwork of James Raynord, of the Video Game Starcraft II, by Blizzard.
I wanna do a work on the eyes.

Artist 2D/3D

Work on photoshop, 3DS Max, After Effect and Premiere.